Not that “Windows Explorer”, the Other One

On a recent support call, I walked a customer through a script that I haven’t changed since Windows 95.
Me: “Are you sitting in front of the … computer and logged in as Administrator?” Customer: “Yes” Me: “Lets start by verifying your settings. I’d like you to pull up a ‘Windows Explorer’ window and navigate to C:\Program Files….”  [this part almost always goes unheeded] “You can do that by going to Start, …, or by … ” Customer: [long silence] “Explorer is open. Do I type the address in the Go bar?” Me: “Is that ‘Windows Explorer’ or ‘Internet Explorer’?” Customer: “Internet Explorer” Me: “Lets instead open ‘Windows Explorer’ which will help us look at  your files.”  “You can do that by going to Start, …, or by … ” Customer: “Got it.”
And we’re good to go. We fix the issue. The customer saves the world (with my product). I review the script for improvements, fine none and move on. In Windows 8, Microsoft renamed “Windows Explorer” to “File Explorer”. Hopefully, I can retire that script ten years from now.